Multilayer floor boards

Multilayer floor boards are suitable for installation in the premises with variable temperature and air moister content as well as on the all other common sub floors. One of the most popular applications is to install the floor boards directly on the heated floors (electric as well as water pipe heated underfloor). Heated floors become popular because of practical and economical considerations.   

Multilayer floor boards consist of two layers -  fragmented birch plywood underlay and oak top layer. See the pictures below. The density of plywood and oak are the same - 700 kg/m3. Due to that floor boards are with increased dimensional stability during all lifetime. Thermal conductivity λ=0.17 W/(mK) for oak and plywood guarantee smooth and efficient heat flow. It makes the heating more cost effective.

Fragmented plywood underlay distress the floor board. Installation can be done by nonprofessionals even on the uneven surfaces.

Multilayer floor boards

Wood specie Floor board construction Thickness, mm Width, mm Length, mm Grade
Premium Select Living Classic Rustic
Oak Toplayer: Oak 3.2±0.5 mm Bottom layer: Birch plywood 8.8±0.5 mm 12 135 600-2200
165 600-2200
180 600-2200
Toplayer: Oak 4.5±0.5 mm Bottom layer: Birch plywood 11.5±0.5 mm 16 210 1400-3000
240 1400-3000
260 600-2200
300 1400-3000
Ash Toplayer: Ash 3.2±0.5 mm Bottom layer: Birch plywood 8.8±0.5 mm 12 165 600-2200 - -
2200/2600 - -

600-2000 mm - available in limited amounts.

Surface coating wit Natural oil or Hardwax on request.




The structure of the multilayer floor baords